About asfv

I welcome you all to my virtual junk drawer where I stack my practice photos.

• I am an urban surfer & a soul searcher, living the life in L.A. in Southern California; turned photography, walking, running and life superfan.
• Other interests include: good tunes, books, spirituality & metaphysics, arts & crafts, food, travel, blogs, snail mails, coffee and more coffee.
• On my spare time, I work as a Registered Nurse.
• The use of my photos is totally cool with me; you decide whether to give it proper credit or not.
• And if you really liked what you see and read here please don’t hesitate to leave love and comments or follow me ‘coz that’s what friends and family really do .

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Photography Equipment

● Diana Mini classic
● Diana F+
● Fisheye One
● Sprocket Rocket
● Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim
● Fuji Instax 210
● Fuji Instax mini
● Pentax IQZoom 115S
● Lomo LC-A+
● Hasselblad 501 CM
● Minolta Hi-matic
● Canon AE-1
● Canon EOS Series
● Holga 35mm
● Nikon FM10

● Hipstamatic
● Fuji XP70
● Nikon P7800
● Nikon D3100